Astrachan Gunst Thomas developed a collaborative approach to problem resolution and proactive representation, and it advances our Firm's mission to provide effective solutions, on-time and on-budget. We are a team; not a collection of separate practices. Team building gives us an advantage because we don't merely look out for our individual selves. Each of us is responsible for good results. Clients included. Staff included.

We came together in 1994, after practicing together in big firms. Our objective was to provide sophisticated legal services in intellectual property, distribution, marketing, advertising, corporate, antitrust, transactional business law and complex commercial litigation. We created an intimate, contemporary and perhaps unusual, legal environment. As our client base expanded, we added core services that our clients need, such as human resources and employer-side business planning. We did it how our Firm could best serve our clients' needs; not how others had done it. And it works for us and our clients.

Our Firm is small, but we are constantly in court against some of the country's largest firms; very often with great success.

We have vast experience with matters involving complex litigation, trademarks, unfair competition, false advertising, domain name disputes, copyrights, publishing, media and entertainment, advertising, distribution (including petroleum), antitrust and trade secrets. Our knowledge and experience has served our clients well in the academic world, and in the advertising, design, architecture, marketing, communications, media, software, national security and technology, and petroleum distribution. Add to that our representation of trade associations in the petroleum, tire, broadcast, advertising, national security and publishing industries. While many of our clients' needs focus on an intellectual property product or marketing-related services, we also fully understand their underlying businesses and related needs, as well as the industry-wide issues that affect their businesses.

Our Firm's reputation for expertise in rapidly evolving legal areas is built on a strong foundation of our intellectual property attorneys' contributions to the legal and business communities as professors, lecturers, and authors. In 2007 we took over authorship of Peter Rosden's 4 volume seminal legal treatise, The Law of Advertising, published by Matthew Bender - Lexis/Nexis. (Click Here for more information.) Most of us devote considerable energy to teaching law school subjects such as trademarks, unfair competition, copyright, entertainment and sports, media, trade secrets and complex litigation. We believe that if we are able to connect, year after year, with our students and other audiences, including judiciary associations, lawyers and business people, then we can also connect with judges, opposing counsel and strategic partners when the need arises, as it does when we advocate for our clients' interests.

Our Firm provides intellectual property law online resources and timely information on relevant areas of the law, through intellectual property law attorney authored articles, electronic newsletters, e-primers and our website, which contains forms and other online information for business owners, lawyers and students looking to increase their knowledge of intellectual property, business protection and other areas of the law. Knowledge of the law is a critical requirement for every business, and these resources will help you hone your edge.

And here's the disclaimer -- While we offer a vast selection of legal materials and information on our website, our website is not a substitute for actual legal advice and counsel directed at your specific situation.