Kaitlin D. Corey


Although Kaitlin is a June 2016 admittee to the Maryland Bar, Jim feels as though he has worked with her for years, which is precisely correct. After graduating from college in only three years, and finishing her first year of law school, she arrived at the firm from an administrative job in Montgomery County. Jim and Kaitlin interviewed each other and after some discussion and consideration, they made a deal. Kaitlin would work for Jim as his assistant while she attended law school, and he would teach her to practice law if she was worthy.

It wasn’t easy for Jim; at first it may have been more work than he signed on for (and we are even more certain the deal wasn’t so easy for Kaitlin, as Jim was more work than she signed on for). But lo and behold: Exposed to a myriad of complex legal issues, her knowledge, skill levels and ability to interact swelled. And she learned, soaking it all up like a sponge.

Kaitlin’s legal interests also swelled. She took every IP course offered by her law school (scoring the highest grade in her class in Trademarks and Unfair Competition) and finishing school only six credits shy of those credits required for an LL.M. (Tax). We predict she will return and snag those credits, and we predict, also, Kaitlin will be a fierce competitor but that she will retain her warm heart.