Elizabeth A. Harlan


Serendipity smiled upon us when, after our long time principal Julie Rubin left the firm for public service, along came Elizabeth Harlan to join our litigation group.  Both Julie and Elizabeth, you see, are graduates of Mount Holyoke College.  They even took classes together there.  After her time at Mount Holyoke, Elizabeth moved to California and three years later was a graduate of UC Hastings College of the Law and a member of the California bar.

After a year in Washington, DC clerking for the Superior Court for the District of Columbia, Elizabeth returned to California and clerked for the San Francisco Superior Court.  Exercising the sound judgment for which she has become famous, she stayed in San Francisco and joined the ranks of a mega giant international law firm where for nine years she defended those wrongly accused of securities fraud and RICO violations.

When the beauty of northern California, the culture and food of San Francisco, the proximity to Wine Country, and the California lifestyle became too much to bear, Elizabeth, along with her husband, son and daughter, moved to DC to enjoy the congestion, traffic and politics of our nation's capital.  The home she is building on her family's flower farm north of Baltimore may have been part of the draw as well.

In mid-2013, she joined our firm.  We are fortunate and happy to have her, and look forward to many years of interesting cases together.

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