Donna M.D. Thomas

Donna is the Firm's managing partner and financial "fail-safe" guardian, a dirty job that must be done. Perhaps it's a remnant of her pre-law career as a commercial banker, but whenever we get the yen to do something cutting edge that costs money -- like buy new artwork -- it's usually Donna who reminds us of concepts like fiscal responsibility.

One thing Donna did not learn from her previous life was the concept of bankers' hours. Donna seems to be on the phone 24/7 helping a broad range of clients in commercial transactions, from publicly traded corporations making mega-buck acquisitions to neighborhood service station dealers negotiating with major oil companies to retain their stations.

Besides being a consummate business lawyer, Donna is also an experienced intellectual property lawyer. For several years, she taught Copyright and Media Law as an adjunct professor at the University of Baltimore. She is also a frequent lecturer on intellectual property subjects, including teaching trademark law as an instructor for the Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education for Lawyers. Donna also served as the Chair of the Intellectual Property Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association and co-authors The Law of Advertising with Jim Astrachan.

If that were not enough to keep her busy, Donna has litigated a variety of cases, usually involving intellectual property issues, and ranging from crayons to counterfeit cigarettes to surgical products. But, alas, she cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound. One day she will.  Talk to Donna about your needs for an intellectual property lawyer, commercial litigation attorney, and business and commercial litigation issues.


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