The following are links that the attorneys and employees of Astrachan Gunst Thomas have found to be useful resources. All the links below are to websites maintained by entities unrelated to Astrachan Gunst Thomas Rubin and Astrachan Gunst Thomas Rubin is in no way responsible for their content.

Sales and Use Tax:

The following is a downloadable .pdf of the Maryland Sales and Use Tax Law as it applies to advertising agencies.
Click here to view the Maryland Sales and Use Tax Law for Advertising Agencies.


The Copyright Office website contains a wealth of information regarding copyright law, copyright registration procedures, and general information regarding the protection of works through copyright.


The US Patent and Trademark Office website has a search engine that contains information on all registered and pending trademarks. It also contains information on obtaining trademarks and USPTO policies and procedures.

The trademark main page is:

Often, the attorneys of Astrachan Gunst Thomas Rubin are called upon to screen potential trademarks. In addition to running a search with the USPTO website above, we also use the following search engines to determine whether another company or person is using the same mark:

Note that even if searches on the above sites do not indicate that anyone else is using the mark, the search is not yet over. If a mark has survived this preliminary search, then we go forward and request a search by a third-party trademark clearance firm


The USPTO website also has information on patents:

General Legal:

The following websites are also useful law-related resources.

U.S. federal and state statutes and opinions are available at: and

Users of the above sites are cautioned that the statutes and opinions available on or through those sites are not necessarily official and may be out of date.

Additionally, the following site has law related information:

The two primary legal databases are:


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