The lawyers of Astrachan Gunst Thomas provide extensive legal services to help business owners, managers and other employers navigate complex employment law regulations and to develop and institute creative, effective and practical workplace solutions. We handle small and large employment matters that employers regularly face from employee severance and release agreements to complex discrimination litigation, from personnel manuals to top-level executive employment contracts and the creation and litigation of restrictive covenants. AGT’s lawyers also offer in-house employment and management training seminars customized to meet our clients’ individualized needs. The  commercial litigation attorneys and complex commercial litigation attorneys of AGT are proud to count among our clients employers of every size, spanning industries as diverse as graphic design to national security. Our clients’ ability to grow and succeed as business owners and employers requires that our attorneys have their fingertips on the pulse of constantly evolving state and federal employment regulations and case law.


  • EEO law
  • Discrimination and related complex litigation, including gender, pregnancy and racial discrimination, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Employment contracts and severance agreements
  • Wage and Hour Law
  • Personnel manuals and policy development, including internet and privacy policies
  • Hiring, firing and disciplining employees
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • In-house, customized management training
  • All aspects of employment litigation in state and federal courts
  • Social Media practice and policies