Here you will find links to websites based on the four primers edited by James B. Astrachan of Astrachan Gunst Thomas Rubin.

Astrachan Gunst Thomas Rubin’ Advertising, False Advertising, Copyright and Trademark Primers, are written for both lawyers and non-lawyers and provide need-to-know information on the laws of each subject. Print versions of the Advertising, Copyright and Trademark Primers are available.

Covering every aspect of trademark law, this primer covers the rights associated with ownership, selection and protection of marks, with a special section on trademark infringement.

A must read for anyone involved with creative products, the second-edition of this primer covers the United States Copyright Act in detail. Forms are included, providing immediately usable tools and resources.

The essential tool for anyone in the advertising industry, this primer provides a concise and comprehensive overview of the rules for the industry that claims to have none. The second edition includes forms, which provide tangible ways of dealing with legal issues.

False Advertising
This is another essential tool for anyone in the advertising and marketing industries. The information is written for both lawyers and non-lawyers.