Julia S. Bartels


We did a mental back handspring with spot/octagon, quickly followed by a mental back layout with half twist, when Julia joined Astrachan Gunst Thomas’ merry band of legalistas. Given that Julia had been a gymnast during her college days at the University of Pennsylvania – did we mention captain of the varsity gymnastics team? – we thought our mental reaction was entirely appropriate, and that if she could read our minds, we might even help make her feel at home. Truth be told, no one here, except Julia, can perform any of these maneuvers.

We are certain that after graduating from the William & Mary Law School, where she was notes editor for the Environmental Law and Policy Review, none of the judges she clerked for, whether on the New Jersey Superior Court, the Circuit Court for Baltimore City or the Maryland Court of Special Appeals had welcomed her with a similar showing of mental athletic élan.

Teaching being a valuable skill for a lawyer, Julia taught competitive gymnastics to girls – things like aerials, pikes and tucks – during her clerkship at the Court of Special Appeals. The firm is debating whether to engage in a group gymnastics class with Julia at the lead, but uniform selection has been a problem.

Julia’s litigation skills have proven equal to her A-score, and that she has excelled at legal tasks more complex than a Tsukahara.

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