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Articles: Intellectual Property

> Who Will Protect the Consumers of Trademarked Goods? (University of Baltimore Law Review)
>"We Are Slant. Who Cares? We're Proud of That": Intersection of the Lanham Act and Free Speech (The Computer and Internet Lawyer)
> "We Are Slant. Who Cares? We're Proud of That": Intersection of the Lanham Act and Free Speech.(Maryland Bar Journal)
> What is the Appropriate Standard for Awarding Attorneys' Fees to a Prevailing Party Under § 505 of the Copyright Act?
> Who Will Protect the Consumers of Trademarked Goods?
> What A Strange Trip It Will Be
> Transparency in New Media
> Celebrity Endorsements: An Eagle's Eye
> Repugnant Foreign Judgments
> Damn Fan Can!
> Running on Empty
> A Tail for Two Dogs
> Is Fairey's Use Fair?
> Get In On It!
> El Gato's Fruta Loco
> FTC Issues Ad Guide
> He's Been in Starkfield Too Many Winters
> Plain Brown Wrapper
> Breakfast at Ebay's (Or How Ebay Ate Tiffany's Lunch)
> The Case of the Appropriation Artist
> Warning: Adult Legal Content
> TM and the Diamond-Studded Watches
> Do You Hear the Drums, Fernando?
> Dirty Dancing
> De Minimus Copyright Infringement
> Advertiser's Guide to Choosing Effective Trademarks
> The Eight Nuances of Attorney's Fees in a Copyright Case
> Contributory Infringement by Website
> Too Much of a Good Thing
> Matlock Would Have Gagged
> Vuitton Has a "Dog" In The Fight
> How To Create Advertising Without Creating Lawsuits
> How Nabisco's Competition Got to Call Their Cereal Shredded Wheat
> Rules for an Industry Claiming to Have None (Create Magazine)
> Kodak Shoes? Milbank Tweed?
> The Typosquatter
> Thumbnails and Other Body Parts
> This is Not an Intellectual Exercise
> Tasini Re Dux
> Something I Ate
> Publicity Rights Uncertainty Makes Maryland a Risky Place for Celebrities to Live or Die
A Candle in the Wind. Don't Move to Maryland, Elton John
> Angus My Butt
> Dude,Not Me
> You Might Need to Know This
> An Advertiser's Guide To False Advertising, And How To Avoid It
> Can Mr. Blandings Re-Build His Dream House?
> Don't Paint Yourself into a Corner
> Plain Brown Wrapper
> Bankruptcy and Copyright Infringement
> Do You Know What Your Agents Are Doing?
> A Careful Word From the Wise (Not Me)
> My Punim for $15M
> Angelic Terpsichore on the Pin Head
> When Microsoft Comes a Rappin'
> Copyright Fair Use
> Profits Attributable to Copyright Infringement
> Copyright and the State Actor
> It Ain't So
> The Inevitable Registration or Refusal Approach
> Snake-Bit
> Great Gobs of Google
> Down Like the Titantic
> Picking the Best Trademarks for the Most Effective Advertising
> I'm a Barbie Girl
> Martha's Greek Tragedy
> Genericism: What a Headache!
> Dr. X Will Build a Creature
> Beware What You Plead
> Well Slap Me Silly
> Hold the Mayo!
> How to Judge Yourself an Infringer
> Once Tigers Were Painted on Velvet
> Tales of the Cybergripper
> You Have Zero Privacy - Get Over It
> Copy That!
> Do You Know Where Your Code is Written? And by Whom?
> Nike's Non-Victorious Campaign
> Use Copyright to Protect Your Brand
> It Flopped in New Haven
> Dr. Livingston, I Presume
> How to Write a Contract That Will Limit Damages for IP Violations
> Celebrity Endorsements and What We've Learned
> Audi Ouch
> Get Back, Rosa Parks
> IP Do-Don't List
> Infringement of Buildings and Plans Risks Huge Damages
> My Sweet Profits, They're So Grand
> Jack-Legged Infringers Walk the Plank
> Low, Low Lo-Jack
> I've Been Framed
> To a Tea
> Trimming Spalding's Green
> Spider-Man's Web Trespass
> Victor Victoria
> A Royal Shellacking: Di and the Franklin Mint
> Landlord Liability for Trademark Infringement is a Hard Rock to Crack
> Foiled Again . . . Batman Defeats Claims of Building Copyright Infringement
> A Rose (Art) by Any Other Color
> Advertising Contracts Clauses I Have Come to Love
> Photo Finished
> The Case Done Lost
> Infringement of Legal Forms
> I Should Have Noticed
> Proposed Sales Tax Regs for the Advertising Industry
> Supremes Undress Trade Dress
> The Intellectual Property Audit: A Critical Service
> ABC's of the FTC and False Advertising
> Play Nice to Avoid Attorney's Fees in Copyright Cases
> Anti-Cybersquatting Act Kicks Cyberpirate Booty
> ICANN Can!
> Fuming Over Trademark Registration
> Double Click to Infringe
> A Book by Any Other Cover
> I, e-Robot
> I am Dracula; Welcome to my Lawsuit
> Behold the Gray Market
> Supremes Review Fourth Estate's Mass Infringement Judgment
> Museums Pummeled in an Effort to Enforce Copyright in Art Photos
> PSST! Wanna Good Idea?
> The Playmate and the Porsche
> Was Disney a Dumbo
> SEXXX.COM: A Division of Umbro Soccer?
> Roll Over Beethoven, I've Got Trademark Blues Today
> Ward, What to Do about the Beav?
> It's Not Your Bag, Baby
> "Free" in Free-Lance Doesn't Mean Cost-Free
> Even If You Don't Use It, You Still Won't Lose It