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Articles: Petroleum

> The Open Supply Saga in the District of Columbia Continues
> A Morality Tale
> Be Careful What You Ask For
> New Legislation, Old Litigation Strategy
> An Important Issue Undecided
> Some Reassurance from the Court
> When a Dealer Agreement Renewal Slips Between the Cracks
> The New Jersey Right of Refusal Law's First Test
> A Bitter Lesson
> The Justice Department Speaks - Unfortunately
> The Nightmare
> Glacial Progress
> Arguments for State Right of First Refusal Legislation
> Marcoux Revisited -- Integration Provisions
> Supreme Court May Hear PMPA Case
> Two Significant Issues
> Bad Decisions
> When a Market Withdrawal is Not a Market Withdrawal
> An Open Price Term Conundrum
> This Ain't Chicken Feathers
> Stretching the PMPA
> First Refusal Refused
> IRS UPDATE: New Rules on the Treatment of Marketer Image Cash
> Consigned to Oblivion
> Is the Temperature Compensation Controversy Full of Hot Air?
> Is the Doctor Out?
> Digging Up The Email
> New Supplier Blues
> The Small Businessman and the New Supreme Court
> No Shelter Behind a Chinese Wall
> The Right to Attorney Fees Under the PMPA - Real or Illusory?
> What's in a Name?
> A Classy Class Action
> Another Lesson From the Supreme Court
> The Visa/Mastercard Class Action Litigation-"A Clash of Commercial Titans"
> What's in a Name? A Lot, Says the Supreme Court
> Light at the End of the Tunnel- the Allapattah Litigation
> Release Me My Dealer, Let Me Go
> Employing Illegal Aliens Can Result in Loss of Station
> The Gold Standard
> Reasonableness and the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act
> The Law and Unintended Consequences
> Loss Leader Leads to Loss
> Year End Clean Up
> The Jury Returns: For Dealers Against Shell
> The Right to Assign
> What Remedies Do Dealers Have For Supplier Overpricing?
> A Condemnation Quagmire
> "Loss of the Franchisor's Right to Grant Possession" Subterfuge
> Supreme Court Does Right by Hawaii
> Major Milestones in the Exxon Discount-For-Cash Case
> Games Oil Companies Play
> The Danger of Hidden Fees
> Latest Development in Open Price Litigation
> COUNSEL GENERAL'S WARNING:"Cigarettes May Be Harmful To Your (Financial) Health"
> Constructive Chutzpah and Terminal Stupidity
> A New Remedy in Arbitration?
> Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
> Open Price Term Litigation at a Crossroads
> Shell-Texaco Joint Venture Meets the Ninth Circuit
> A Modest Proposal
> Why the FTC is Unlikely Ever to be Your Friend
> Open Price Term Litigation: Run Over at the Crossroads
> Allapatah Update
> Some Recent Dealer-Supplier Cases
> Signing Renewal Agreements "Under Protest": Safeguard or Pitfall?
> New Developments in Below-Cost Pricing Law
> "New Federalism" and the FTC
> A Big Step in a Long Trip
> Oklahoma Unfair Sales Act Slams Sam's Club
> Gimme (Tax) Shelter
> When Laws Work and When They Don't
> Yes Virginia, There is Protection Against Termination
> A Step Backward
> Recent Reports on Predatory Pricing and Price-Gouging
> Did the Majors Fix Prices Affecting Their Own Employees?
> Dealer Triumphs in the Sixth Circuit
> Back to the Bar Examination
> Some Progress in Fee-Shifting Dispute
> Judicial Inconsistency Resolved
> The Long Arm of the Law
> A New Era for Underground Storage Tank Release Investigations and Recoveries
> Dual Branding and Trademark Law
> A Bronx Cheer and a Hearty Cheer
> Recent Developments
> Mega-Dealer Litigation
> PMPA News From Miami
> Scrap To Baggage - The Reach of Antitrust Law
> A Remarkable Development in a Remarkable Case
> Expert Testimony - Increasing Complexity in an Already Complex World
> Of Guam and Akparew
> The Appellate Courts Speak
> A Modest Proposal
> Judicial Inconsistency
> Further Developments in The Exxon "Discount For Cash" Program
> What Remedies Exist for Unfair Supplier Pricing?
> 1999 Judicial Hightlights
> Bringing Order Out of Chaos? The Franchisor Encroachment Cases
> Shell/Texaco Price-Fixing Case Passes First Hurdle
> The Dealer's Unfettered Right to Receive a Bona Fide Offer of Sale
> Below Cost - An Update
> Rebranding at the Courts
> A Potpourri of Recent Antitrust Developments
> Jobbers And the PMPA
> The Peril of Fee Shifting
> The Year in Review
> Seeking Relief from Fee Shifting
> Station Rents in the Aloha State
> Of Mergers and Price Discrimination
> FTC Requires Modifications to BP/Amoco Merger
> Of Tanks, Assignments and Predatory Pricing
> Update on the Exxon/Mobil Merger
> Recent PMPA Developments- Are There Any?
> State Oil v. Kahn in Retrospect
> A Bird Comes Home To Roost
> Is the Shell/Texaco Joint Venture Nakes Price-Fixing?
> Shell Tanks in California
> Some False Trails in the 9th Circuit
> Zone Pricing Revisited
> More Shell Litigation