Reporters enjoyed teasing the industrious lawyer Clarence Darrow about his disheveled appearance. Darrow replied, “I go to a better tailor than you do, and pay more for my clothes than you do. The only difference is that you don’t sleep in yours.”

Intellectual Property

Our reputation is built on providing intellectual property services and business law to our clients involved in businesses with creative products. Astrachan Gunst Thomas provides legal services relating to the selection, protection, defense and exploitation of intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, software, literary and artistic works, advertisements and trade secrets.

We are firmly convinced that the success of our clients mirrors the success of our legal practice. Astrachan Gunst Thomas works with our clients to develop effective and realistic goals, strategies and tactics, and then partners with our clients to achieve those goals at the least possible cost.

Examples of our work include representation of the largest employer in Baltimore in connection with the clearance and registration of trademarks and licenses for software created by members of its faculty; trademark litigation, and defamation counsel for a national trade association of more than twenty thousand law enforcement members; trademark litigation of trade dress (packaging); structure and documentation of an electronic medical publishing venture; structure and licensing of long-distance, electronic, medical consultation services, structure and documentation of a joint venture between two national architectural firms for large public works projects in the Baltimore Inner Harbor and at the University of Maryland at Baltimore; structure and documentation of an electronic publishing venture for genealogical works; clearance of innumerable advertising copy and trademarks for advertising agencies and clients located throughout the United States; negotiation and documentation of web site development for one of the largest law firms in Maryland (and many others); clearance and registration of trademarks for national trade associations and establishment of licensing programs; negotiation and documentation of innumerable computer consulting and software development contracts and licenses for software and systems installation, integration and documentation for Fortune 500 companies and others; and formation and representation of an international eyeglass frame distributor and necessary licenses, including licenses with international licensors of fashion products.

Astrachan Gunst Thomas lawyers teach intellectual property topics at the University of Maryland School of Law, the University of Baltimore School of Law and the University of Baltimore Graduate Schools. Our attorneys teach trademark, copyright and advertising law to judges and lawyers, chapters of the Association of Corporate Counsel, and deal daily with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for trademark registration and opposition actions. We are continuously engaged in negotiations concerning allegations of trademark infringement for clients, as plaintiff and defendant. In the last several years, we have prosecuted or defended approximately 30 copyright infringement, trademark/trade dress infringement, trademark dilution, and trade secret misappropriation cases in various United States District Courts. Our litigation experience also includes trademark infringement claims and suits related to the use of trademarks in web sites and as domain names. And in more than one instance, we have discovered, through litigation, the identities of defamatory posters on Communications Decency Act protected websites.

For more years than some of us want to recount, our intellectual property attorneys have provided general legal and business counsel to companies of all sizes. The more we know of our clients' businesses, and industry, the closer our ties become and the more assistance we can offer.

Our Focus:

Our attorneys litigate intellectual property matters and negotiate, draft and provide consultation to clients with respect to intellectual property transactions and agreements, including:

  • Trademark Clearance
  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration
  • Advertising Clearance
  • Trademark Licensing and Assignment
  • Copyright Assignment and Licensing
  • Trademark Infringement, Trade Dress Infringement, Trademark Dilution and Unfair Competition Litigation
  • Copyright Infringement Litigation
  • Trade Secret Misappropriation Litigation
  • Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings Before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Trademark Co-existence and Concurrent Use Agreements
  • Trademark Consent Agreements
  • Mediation of Trademark Disputes