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James B. Astrachan

30 Years Preeminent

Author, The Law of Advertising and Mass Communications, published by

Astrachan. For a guy with such an impossible last name, people remember Jim Astrachan. He’d joke that such a distinction may not bode well, but really it’s because Jim does what he describes as “getting out there and doing it.” Jim has gotten out there and blazed a trail long and wide.

Jim is a Life Fellow of the Baltimore City Bar Foundation, the Maryland Bar Foundation and the American Bar Foundation. He has been an adjunct professor since 1979, teaching IP courses at the University of Maryland and University of Baltimore Schools of Law, University of Baltimore Graduate School of Communications Design, and taxation subjects (yes, that’s right, tax, and why not? He has an LLM (taxation) from Georgetown University Law School) at Loyola’s Sellinger School of Business.

Since 1999, his teaching has focused on Copyright and Trademark and Unfair Competition at the University of Maryland Frances King Carey School of Law and the University of Baltimore School of Law. Jim also wrote a course called Gun Control and the Second Amendment and taught it at Johns Hopkins University (2016) and Washington College (2016 – present) and the University of Baltimore School of Law (2017).  In 2017, Jim organized with the University of Baltimore Law Review a symposium called “Do We Have a Gun Problem? If Yes, What Are the Solutions?”  The symposium expressed the views of national experts in the field; he recreated that symposium with the panel of national experts in 2019, this time for the Baltimore City Bar Foundation.

As his associates will readily tell you, Jim doesn’t just lecture to law students. When he’s not standing in front of a bunch of students (or a beleaguered young associate), Jim speaks nationwide on intellectual property topics, including advertising law, branding, trademark protection and copyright protection. He and wife and former law partner, Julie Rubin, co-hosted with Dan Rodricks a bi-weekly radio show on the law on public radio, WYPR, 88.1 from 2011 to 2013. Unfettered by his questionable typing and spelling skills, Jim doesn’t limit his “getting out there” to speaking. He’s a writer too. Since his earlier days when he nabbed his own legal column at ADWEEK magazine, Jim became a fixture at The Daily Record, where his monthly Legal ADvice column was featured from 1995 to 2011 (and often garnered a, “hey, great column this month!” holler from a colleague on the street, or a judge who wanted to debate the issues of a column).

Jim mediates complex cases for the Circuit Courts of Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Queen Anne’s County and for Creative Dispute Resolutions. In 2015 he was appointed to the trademark mediator panel of the International Trademark Association (INTA), in recognition of his mediation skills and substantive trademark knowledge.

Jim and Donna Thomas are the authors of THE LAW OF ADVERTISING AND MASS COMMUNICATIONS, a six volume treatise published by Matthew Bender Lexis/Nexis since 1972. (Click Here for more information.) In 2003, Jim co-authored Snake-Oil Security Claims, The Systematic Misrepresentation of Product Security in the E-Commerce Arena, published in the Michigan Telecommunications & Technology Law Review (See Article) and the text book The Essential Intellectual Property Primers: The Law of Trademark, Copyright and Advertising, published by The Graduate Group. In 2013 Jim devised and edited for the MSBA The Patent, Copyright, Trade Secret, Right of Publicity, Trademark Handbook for Maryland Business and Litigation Lawyers; a second edition of this work was published in 2019.  His C.V. reveals hundreds of articles and lectures. His article, Who Will Protect the Consumers of Trademarked Goods? was published in 2017 by the University of Baltimore Law Review (See Article). His article, The Bumpy Road to the Supreme Court: Does the Second Amendment Prevent States from Prohibiting Ownership of Assault-Style Rifles and High Capacity Magazines was published in Summer 2018 by the University of Baltimore Law Review (See Article).  His article, Unlawful Use in Commerce and the Affirmative Defense to Infringement: When Trademark Rights are Not What They Appear to Be, was published in 2019 by the Syracuse Law Review (See Article).  This article was judged by Thomson Reuters’ (West’s) Intellectual Property Law Review “one of the best law review articles related to intellectual property law published nationally” in 2019 and selected for republication in its Intellectual Property Law Review. Jim’s article, The Public Policy Argument Against Trademark Licensee Estoppel was published in the Fall 2020 issue of the Missouri Law Review (Vol. 85, No. 4). Jim’s most recent article, An Award of Statutory Damages Under the Copyright Act for Post-Registration Infringements? It Depends., has received an offer of publication from the Drake Law Review.

Jim is annually named one of the Best Lawyers in America® and a Super Lawyer® through a national nomination process (advertising and intellectual property law). In 2011 he was named by Best Lawyers® the premier copyright lawyer in Maryland and in 2012 premier trademark lawyer. Jim is a 2013 honoree of The Daily Record’s Leadership in Law, and in 2019 was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by The Daily Record.  Since 2013 he has sat on the Baltimore City Sitting Judges’ Reelection Committee.

Following a three year tour of duty, Jim escaped the Presidency of the Advertising Association of Baltimore. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Bar Association of Baltimore City, and is the founding and former Chair of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Maryland State Bar Association. He serves on the Peer Review Committee for the Maryland State Bar Association Grievance Committee, the Legal Advisory Committee of the Association of American Advertising Agencies. He is a recipient of the Crystal Prism Award and the Silver Medal Award for outstanding contribution to the advertising industry, awarded by the American Advertising Federation.

He chairs The Daily Record Editorial Advisory Board, is a Director of the Baltimore Bar Library, and served for a number of years on the MSBA’s Maryland Bar Journal editorial Board.  Jim is a Trustee of the Baltimore Bar Foundation, Inc., where he serves as chair of its Strategic Planning Committee, was a Director of Free State Justice, an LBGTQ advocacy group, through 2017 and was the Grand Puh Bah of the Serjeants’ Inn Law Club. How does he find the time?

Jim’s clients include advertising agencies, advertisers, architects and designers, technology and communications firms and educational institutions nationwide. He wears many hats as a copyright lawyer, trademark attorney, and IP attorney and business lawyer for starters. He’s a swell guy, and bald.


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