Ethel Barrymore was very particular about her manners and courtesy and expected others to follow her example. She invited a young actress to dinner at her house but her invitee failed to appear, and failed to offer any explanation or apology. When Barrymore ran into the woman days later, the woman lamely said, “I think I was invited to your house for dinner last Thursday.” “Oh, yes”, replied Ethel. “Did you come?”

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The education of Astrachan Gunst Thomas lawyers doesn’t end when they pass the Bar; despite Maryland imposing no CLE requirements, all Astrachan Gunst Thomas lawyers are required by the firm to teach, lecture, write blogs or publish articles in their respective fields. And our client service doesn’t stop when you walk out of our offices; current clients can educate themselves on a number of legal issues covered in Astrachan Gunst Thomas’ primers and blogs, and attend the many seminars our firm presents.

We are the proud authors of the 6-volume legal treatise, The Law of Advertising and Mass Communications, published by Matthew Bender – Lexis/Nexis. (Click Here for more information.)