Trisha L. Scott

Trisha Scott hails from Maryland's Eastern Shore.  There's a family farm with a dog.  She's got a close knit family and even likes to go hiking.  She's a helpful smiler.  She drives responsibly, shops local and is punctual.  Like all the time.  Her handwriting is neat.  Odds are her sock drawer is orderly.  So, you can understand why we needed some convincing before taking her on as our newest litigation associate.  "Don't let that smile fool you."  That's what all her references kept telling us.  "That brain is a dangerous weapon," whispered one former employer.  We'd have to agree. 

Trisha comes to us a graduate of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law where she was a law journal associate editor, a Leadership Scholar, and a Hecht Scholarship recipient.  But there's more.  Trisha published an article on -- wait for it -- the sleeper threat of female terrorists.  Wowza.  This ain't no country bumpkin.  Trisha's young career already has the markings of a tough as nails litigator.  Before she plunked down her desk plant in our offices, Trisha worked for two judges of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City -- Judge Marcus Shar and Judge Julie Rubin.  Not only does she have the inside lane on what pleases judges and drives them nuts (not to mention how to navigate the clerk's office), Trisha honed baller skills on quickly drilling down to tell her judges the what's-what on a case file.  Her attention to detail and demand for excellence are what got her a year-long clerkship with Judge Rubin (who was with our firm until the Governor snatched her in 2013).  We're not allowed to tell you what Judge Rubin said about Trisha, but she's here now, so you do the math. 

Trisha is already making a name for herself here at Astrachan Gunst Thomas (beginning with the dubious honor of being the only one who can read Jim's handwriting).  Trisha may have a genuinely warm smile, but there's a little something scary going on in that big brain of hers.  Trisha Scott is one to watch.  And we've got the best seats in the house.